Make Your Fairy Tale Wedding a Reality with These Whimsical Color Palettes

Make Your Fairy Tale Wedding a Reality with These Whimsical Color Palettes

When it comes to how brides tend to describe their dream wedding, they often describe it as a “fairy tale wedding.” And whether you’re a fan of Mother Goose, Walt Disney, or the Brothers Grimm, fairy tales come in all shapes and sizes and make for great jump-off points for wedding themes. With Halloween just around the corner, we see a lot of weddings at this time of year adopting a fresh take on the fairy tale look, which can truly take on many different shapes. Here are some of our favorite fairy tale-inspired color palettes. 

Natural Inspiration 

Nature is a very common theme in fairy tales, from Red Riding Hood’s walk through the forest to Hansel and Gretel’s unfortunate run-in with that seemingly friendly old lady in the woods. For instance, employing several shades of green from a forest to a pea can give your wedding a feeling akin to Jack and the Beanstalk, but with an elegant twist. If you’re looking for something a bit more hearty like you’d find in the city of Oz, try a palette consisting of emerald, deep sage, and mauve 

A Beastly Beauty 

With the live-action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast burning up the box office earlier this year, one can glean plenty of inspiration from the cinematic classic. For instance, the classic ballroom scene pairs the shimmering gold of Belle’s dress with a deep, dark blue and is enlivened further with red roses, making for a bold yet classy palette. 

The Carnival Spirit 

Of course, fairy tales like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are all about the variety of the dwarves and thus is a fine inspiration for a more colorful wedding, one that uses primary colors like red, blue, and yellow, but in muted shades to create an upscale carnivalesque feeling. And the carnival is a classic motif of traditional fairy tales, where the genteel purple of the royal class mixed with the more earthen tones of the merchant class like mustard yellow and robust pinks. 

Whether you are seeking to recreate a specific vibe or simply want to create a magical vibe that will transport your guests to a world all of your own making, work with your wedding planner to devise a color palette that pulls from the elegance of fairy tales while retaining the fun and joy that a fairy tale wedding is known for!  

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