When it comes time to walk down the aisle with that special someone, everything has to be perfect. There are a variety of considerations that a would be couple must make when it’s time to choose a venue. The old days of simply choosing the one wedding venue in town have passed us by. Finding the proper place to have your outdoor wedding in NJ means considering these important factors.



An outdoor wedding in NJ may seem like a great idea, but before you and your soon to be spouse sign a contract with a venue, it’s vital that you suss out the logistics involved. For example, having a solid idea of how many guests you will invite takes on added importance when planning an outdoor wedding. It may be difficult to know early in the process, but it is one of the first questions a venue will ask you.

Choosing the proper time of year becomes especially crucial when planning an outdoor wedding in NJ. While you may be able to get a cheaper rate in the fall or winter, your guests may not appreciate the cold weather they will be subjected to.



Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, particularly when it comes to the cost of the wedding. For some couples, money may be no object when it comes to planning their NJ outdoor wedding, but that doesn’t mean it should be spent frivolously. Don’t sign a contract with a venue unless they meet all of your needs. A wedding is a costly endeavor and no venue’s price should be accepted at face value.


Venue Service

When choosing a venue, it is vital to know how much service they will be providing. Some venues are full service, while others are not. A full service wedding venue provides tables, chairs, catering supplies and all the necessary elements of an elegant wedding. If a couple selects a venue that is not full service, then all of these responsibilities become their problem. Budgeting becomes more difficult as several new expenses are added.


Wedding Motif

Every wedding has a theme or a motif to abide by. Selecting a proper theme becomes more challenging when planning an outdoor wedding in NJ.

When visiting venues, be sure to ask them how they will be able to accommodate your selected motif. Planning an outdoor wedding in NJ is already challenging, so ensure a successful wedding by thinking ahead.


Time Of Day And Time Of Year

It is important that you visit your prospective wedding venues at the same time of day you plan on having the wedding, in addition to the time of year. By doing so, a couple is able to ascertain how the lighting will affect the views and more importantly, get a good feel for the temperatures as they will affect their guests. Bringing a wedding coordinator along when you visit venues also helps, as they have the experience to offer advice you may not have considered.

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