There is something special about outdoor weddings in New Jersey. Outdoor weddings are beautiful and romantic due to the unrivalled beauty of a botanical garden or the warm familiarity of the couple’s own backyard. A great thing about such a wedding is that the chosen setting offers its own sense of mood and energy. In addition, this setting makes the guests loosen up more than they would in an indoors venue. This article explores 7 ways to make your outdoor wedding in New Jersey unforgettable.


Have a Backup Plan for Rain

It is advisable to have a backup plan in case it rains. An ideal outdoor wedding venue should have an indoor location on standby just in case. Most couples decide to have the ceremony indoors and the reception outdoors. If it rains, the furniture can be taken back indoors. Another option is using a tent, but only for light to moderate kind of rain. The chosen tent should be sturdy in a way that it does not flip over.


Make Guests Comfortable

The wedding planners should anticipate what the weather would be like at the time of the year of the outdoor wedding. If it will be sunny and hot, guests should not be left uncomfortably melting. Ushers can provide ice-cold water bottles to guests. For a very warm venue, large electric fans can be rented. If it will be damp and cold, the couple can rent portable heaters.


Be Practical

Organizers of the wedding have to establish the number of guests who can comfortably gather in the outdoor space available. Use of the available indoor facilities should also be put into consideration. Then, a list can be made of what has to be ordered for the well-being and comfort of the couple and guests.


Get a Focal Point

The best outdoor features should be included in the wedding plans. Arrangements can be made for wedding photos to be taken near the best nearby features, such as near a pod or beside flowerbeds. An ideal outdoor wedding venue is where guests can enjoy garden features or the best view.


Form a Romantic Atmosphere

The wedding ceremony may be carried out during daylight hours, but the reception can extend into the night. A romantic atmosphere can be created by having fairy lights, candles and lanterns for an evening reception. Mood lighting can also be hired for whichever place the food and drinks will be served.


Select a Wedding Theme

The bride and groom can select a wedding theme based on the time of year or a favorite activity. It can involve a fantasy, type of music or a color scheme. Invitations to an outdoor wedding should indicate if there will be any special dress requirements or a theme.


Have Floral Decorations

Flower arrangements and floral decorations can be based on a certain theme, such as a Victorian-style, modern-styled or country-style wedding. It is advisable to capitalize on summer flowers, but the couple should talk to a florist on what is in season as opposed to their dream flower.

If all details are meticulously planned in advance, then any outdoor wedding in New Jersey can be unforgettable. The ceremony would be exactly what the couple would want for their wedding day.

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