How To Use Every Inch of Your Estate Venue

How To Use Every Inch of Your Estate Venue

Taking the most advantage of the space of your elegant estate venue is an art and one we are always happy to teach at The Park Savoy. When getting married at an elegant estate like ours or another venue that has a refined quality to both the interior design and sprawling, well-manicured grounds, it can be easy to feel a little overwhelmed by all the space. Even if the property is only on a few acres, unless you’re entertaining a party of a thousand, that is more than enough space to accommodate your guests. 

After all, with a building that can contain dozens of rooms and grounds that feature small groupings of trees and even some signs of wildlife! In fact, if you find yourself getting married at a particularly rustic estate venue that boasts lots of nature, figure out what areas work best with your theme.  

Maximizing Your Interior Space

When it comes to the interior of the estate venue, elegant and vintage estates often contain more rooms and features than you might expect. If you think that is the venue for you, speak to your wedding planner and contact at the venue during your site visit and make sure they show you everything they’re permitted to. After all, while a certain room might not have been used for a wedding before, if you have an idea that works for the venue, then they might be amenable to implementing it. 

Going Outdoors

While it might be a bit cold this time of the year to fully take advantage of all the outdoors has to offer, when it starts to warm up, endless possibilities arise for making use of your venue’s outdoor area. For example, if your wedding has an outdoor theme, creating outdoor activities that make use of the land surrounding the venue is a great way to encourage your guests to explore the grounds. If archery is a passion of yours, set up a series of hay-filled targets that are hand-painted to give your Jane Austen fantasies a DIY spin. Not a fan of arrows? Bocce ball is obviously a popular lawn sport in New Jersey and brings an element of the old world to our timeless renovations.  

Additionally, setting up tented areas that are protected from the sun and boast activities like board games is a great way to keep the younger guests busy. Or if your older friends want to kick back and relax, create a chill-out tent with relaxing music and comfy lawn furniture so your guests can carve out a space of their own. 

Lastly, ask your guide or planner to offer any unusual or out-of-the-box ideas that will make your wedding all the more unique while giving your guests the pleasure of exploring a wholly new venue and grounds! The sense of adventure is truly priceless. 



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