How to Inject Your Groom’s Personality Beyond the Cake

How to Inject Your Groom’s Personality Beyond the Cake

Since we are young children, weddings are typically presented to us as a day that is especially geared toward the bride. And don’t get us wrong; the vast majority of weddings we host feature the bride as the headliner, so to speak. However, as our culture moves away from certain traditions, we are seeing the groom more than ever before truly embracing their big day and getting seriously involved. 

A Bouquet Twist

One area that has always been the province of brides is the bridal bouquet, understandably enough. But some grooms are exercising more input and bringing their own accessories to the ceremony. And while they might not do flowers, some grooms will have a gift ready for the flower girl and ring bearer or a symbolic token that demonstrates their love. As always, it’s all about taking a tradition and giving it a personal spin, whatever form that might take. 

Changing Up His Wardrobe 

Another essential area that grooms are exercising more input in is their wardrobe. While the classic black-and-white tux always looks the pinnacle of elegance, that doesn’t mean it’s the only game in town. The past ten years have seen a seismic change in men’s wedding fashion, one that emphasizes the uniqueness of the groom and lets him work outside the tux template if he so chooses. As long as he looks good and is happy with his choice, give your guy some latitude in selecting his clothes; he’ll be grateful for it! 

One important sartorial trend is grooms celebrating their heritage and incorporating elements of their parents’ or grandparents’ native culture into their suits. For instance, scots are quite fond of their kilts while Congolese and other Africans will work in colorful and complex patterns into their wardrobe. 

Bring on the Games

And what about throwing the garter? While that’s long been a tradition for the groom, more and more are putting a personal, manly spin on it. One popular idea is to wrap the bride’s garter around a football and throw it out to the other groomsmen. Or consider creating a horseshoes-like game where you toss the garter and try to land it on a wooden pole; after all, guys love their games! 

Ultimately, when planning a wedding, the most successful ones are when both parties are firmly involved and passionate about their big day. So get your guy excited about the planning with some features geared directly at him and you’ll have a much more fun time! 

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