The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Toasts

The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Toasts

Weddings are filled with moments that tug at the heartstrings. Amongst these special moments, wedding toasts hold a special place. They’re the words that can make us laugh, cry, and feel everything in between. But crafting the perfect toast is an art form that requires a blend of humor, sincerity, and brevity. The good news is that we are here to help! Whether you’re the best man, maid of honor, or a proud parent, here’s how to deliver a wedding toast that will be remembered.

Understanding The Purpose Of A Toast

Before you even start jotting down notes, you need to understand what a wedding toast aims to achieve. It’s more than just an opportunity to share funny stories or express your love for the couple. A great toast honors the couple’s past, celebrates their present, and toasts to their future. It’s a blend of personal anecdotes, heartfelt wishes, and some wisdom or humor to tie it all together.

Knowing Your Audience

Remember, you’re speaking to a room full of people from different walks of the couple’s life. Your words need to resonate with not just the couple, but everyone present. Try to avoid inside jokes that only a few will understand. You should also steer clear of topics that could make the couple or the guests uncomfortable—like past relationships or anything inappropriate. Aim for universal themes of love, friendship, and joy.

Crafting Your Speech

The best way to start your speech is with a brief introduction of yourself so everyone in the room will know your relationship with the couple. Then share a short, sweet story that highlights the couple’s best qualities or encapsulates their relationship. Whether it’s how they met or a moment that made you realize they were perfect for each other, just be sure to make it engaging! Then, weave in your wishes for their future and perhaps a piece of advice or a quote that you feel complements their journey together.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whatever you do, don’t wing it. Practice your toast several times before the big day. Pay attention to your pace, tone, and body language. A well-delivered speech will always make a stronger impact. You might even want to consider timing your toast to be sure it doesn’t run too long. Overall, your toast should be no longer than five minutes to keep everyone engaged.

Delivering With Confidence

When the moment comes, take a deep breath and speak from the heart. Make eye contact with the couple and the guests. Hold your glass confidently, but remember, you don’t need to drink from it until the very end when you do your toast. This is your moment to shine and contribute to the couple’s special day with your words.

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Simply put, wedding toasts are a blend of art and heart. They’re an opportunity to share your love for the couple and your hopes for their future. At The Park Savoy Estate, we understand the significance of these moments and our stunning wedding venue in New Jersey provides the perfect backdrop for these heartfelt speeches! With elegant ballrooms and picturesque gardens, your words will resonate in our beautiful setting. Want to learn more? Contact us to schedule a tour of our wedding venue and let us help you create a day where every moment, including the toasts, is nothing short of magical.

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