Last-Minute Ideas for Your October Wedding

Last-Minute Ideas for Your October Wedding

While it might have officially become fall last month, October is when the layers start going on and the furnace starts after months of AC. With leaves changing, the sun shining, and a cool breeze sifting through the air, this is truly a romantic month in which to get married. And although you might have your vendors chosen, your dress ready, and your bachelorette party in the rearview mirror, there are still some last-minute adjustments that will help make your October wedding truly stand out. 

While October is often sunny, it can also get rather chilly. Consider having cashmere shawls or caplets for your bridesmaids as their shoulders are going to get cold! Flannels are another option that is perfect for this time of the year. And don’t forget about yourself; pick out a cardigan or other cozy sweater you can put on when the temperature starts dropping.  

When it comes to your flower girl or girls, incorporate the harvest season by carving out round squash or pumpkin to hold their flower petals. For your ring bearer, consider using a corsage heavy on orange and other fall colors, even incorporating freshly fallen leaves in a chic and elegant way if it suits you! 

Speaking of colorful leaves, rather than raking them all away the day of your wedding, put them to new use to add that extra touch of autumnal elegance. For example, accent your wedding bouquets with brightly-colored leaves or affix freshly found pinecones and other natural embellishments to your wedding arch if you are getting married outside. Some brides even like to accent their hair with leaves or their updo with freshly picked burgundy flowers. 

If you’re feeling like you could use more activities but don’t have time to hire someone, build a rustic bowling alley by making the lanes out of barrels of hays and pins you can buy at any sports store. And even though you likely have your seats rented already, if your wedding is partially outdoors, lay down some blankets so your guests can lounge about and take in the beautiful surroundings! 

Whatever theme your wedding might be, the season is always going to shape your decorations in some way. Fall is a time of the year that is absolutely bursting with nature so look to the grounds of your venue for pieces of nature to integrate in with your existing wedding decorations to make your October wedding spectacular. 

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