How To Choose Your Wedding Attendants

How To Choose Your Wedding Attendants

Once you get engaged, you have the joy of letting your loved ones know. Then you start wedding planning and choosing your venue and date! With those wedding planning responsibilities also comes choosing your attendants. While this is easy for some, others struggle with narrowing down the list or making a final decision. If you are having trouble making these choices, the experts at The Park Savoy can help. Here are some tips to help with the process.

How Many Attendants Should You Have? 

The long-standing tradition is that for every 50 guests, you have one wedding party member on each side. But that typically isn’t how things are done anymore and most people likely don’t even know that rule. The truth is, you can have as many or as few wedding attendants as you like! The average wedding party size is roughly four on each side, but don’t feel pressured to adhere to that. The real answer to this question is to choose the people that are truly special to you, no matter how many that is.

How Far In Advance Should You Choose Your Wedding Attendants?

The rule of thumb for this is that you should ask your wedding attendants to be a part of your big day at least eight months to a year before your wedding. That gives them plenty of time to organize activities like pre-commitment celebrations, showers, and to ensure that everyone is available for the big day.

Who Should I Ask To Be My Wedding Attendants?

When choosing your wedding attendants, most people start with siblings. While this is not a requirement, if you are not close or have a tenuous relationship with your siblings, typically people do include them as their attendants. After that, you want to think about the people that are truly special in your life. Whether that is extended family or friends, be sure to ask people that are responsible and that are up for the task!

If Someone Asked Me To Be Their Wedding Attendant, Do I Have To Ask Them As Well?

You might feel pressure to choose someone to be your attendant that included you to be theirs, but you shouldn’t feel that pressure. Relationships change over time and if you simply are not as close to that person, it is okay to not reciprocate the offer. However, remember to approach the situation with care, sensitivity, and compassion.

 The Park Savoy Estate Is The Perfect Venue To Host Your Big Day!

At The Park Savoy, we know that having wedding attendants truly makes your day even more special. The good news is that while your wedding attendants will take care of you on the big day, our skilled wedding coordinators will ensure that everything runs smoothly at the venue. From receiving shipments and coordinating with vendors to ensuring everything is in its proper place, we are here to help. To learn more or tour our grounds, contact us today!

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