Ways to Dress Up Your Dance Floor

Ways to Dress Up Your Dance Floor

The dance floor is one of the most popular places to be during a wedding reception. This is where your wedding guests will truly let loose, and the fun will begin. If you are looking for a way to dress up your dance floor, whether it is to ensure it looks great in pictures or just to enhance the ambiance of the night, there are plenty of options. Keep reading for tips on ways to dress up your reception space to make your night even more memorable.


Washes are light patterns that can be projected onto the floor or walls. These can be completely customized to your preferences and are a great way to give your dance floor a bit more flare. Plus, you can choose different colors to ensure that it matches the aesthetic of your wedding.

Monogram Lighting

Monogram lighting is another great way to dress up your dance floor. You can customize this with your initials, names, wedding date, or any combination of the above. What’s great about monogram lighting is it provides an extra touch for your first dance wedding photos.

Acrylic Flooring

This one is truly unique to specific venues, but acrylic floors laid over a lit-up pool are becoming increasingly popular. The benefits are twofold. Not only does it provide an amazing and unique dance floor for your wedding, but it also reduces the danger of having a pool in the middle of your wedding where people are celebrating.


Drapery is another way to dress up your space. Drapery comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors so you will be able to match your wedding colors and theme while providing a bit more drama and dynamics to the dance floor.

Checkered Dance Floor

While many places already have defined dance space, it doesn’t mean that you can’t dress yours up a bit more. Consider a rustic-chic black-and-white checkered dance floor for your big day. This will provide a bit of class and sophistication to the typical dance floor.

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