The Joys Of Disposable Cameras At Your Wedding

The Joys Of Disposable Cameras At Your Wedding

There are many ways to add some whimsy to your wedding and providing guests with disposable cameras is a great way to do that. Now, single-use cameras are not a replacement for a professional photographer by any means, but they can allow you and your guests to capture some extra moments and memories that would be missed otherwise! Discover the advantages of using disposable cameras for you and your guests to capture your wedding memories below!

Disposable Cameras Are Fun

First and foremost, one-time-use cameras are fun. There is something about disposable cameras that brings out the best—and sometimes the silliest in people. Anyone can pick up a disposable camera and start snapping memories. Plus, it’s one way to really liven up your wedding reception. All bets are off when the single-use cameras come out!

Disposable Cameras Are An Inexpensive Way To Capture More Memories

You pay good money for a professional photographer at your wedding, but there are usually only one or two photographers on the grounds. That means they can’t capture everything, especially when they are likely following the wedding couple around. When you hand out disposable cameras at your wedding, you turn everyone into a photographer, which means a lot more memories can be captured!

Disposable Cameras Are Easy To Use

The great thing about single-use cameras is that they are easy to use. You simply wind the film, press the shutter release and that’s it! That means that anyone at your wedding can use them, from your grandparents to your little nieces and nephews.

Disposable Cameras Are Super Durable

Once the open bar starts pouring drinks at your reception, your guests are likely to start feeling pretty good. Well, the good thing about disposable cameras is that they are very durable. So, if they get dropped or kicked around the dance floor, chances are they will be just fine.

The Park Savoy Estate Is The Perfect Venue To Capture Memories On Your Big Day!

At The Park Savoy, we know how important it is to capture memories on your wedding day. A photographer will be there to capture the formal photos and some candids as the celebration goes on, but your guests can capture a whole other perspective when you offer them one-time-use cameras. If you want to capture more memories and give your guests the celebration of a lifetime, The Park Savoy is the place to host your wedding. To learn more or tour our grounds, contact us today!

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