What Is The Timeline To Send Thank You Cards?

What Is The Timeline To Send Thank You Cards?

Your wedding is one of the few times in your life that all your loved ones will be in one place and celebrating you! They will have cards and wedding gifts, so it is important to thank them properly. If you are wondering what the rules are when it comes to thank you cards, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for tips on sending your note of thanks.

Can You Send Thank You Cards Before The Wedding?

Yes! If people send wedding gifts to you before the wedding, whether they are just pre-sending things from your registry or whether they cannot attend the big day, it is perfectly okay to send thank you notes as those come in. Not only will it show that you are on top of it, but it reduces the number of thank you cards that you will need to send after the wedding.

How Long After The Wedding Can You Send Thank You Cards?

After the wedding, it is important to send out cards in a timely manner. You should really get your thank you cards in the mail within three months of your wedding. While the long-standing tradition is that you have a year to send them, the sooner the better because life can get in the way, and you might forget completely as time passes.

 Is It Better To Not Send A Thank You Card If It’s Late?

If a lot of time has passed, you might be wondering if it is too late to send thank you cards for your wedding. The rule of thumb is that it is always better to send thank you cards later than to not send them at all. Your guests spent their time and money celebrating you. It is only fitting that you show your appreciation by sending a note of thanks.

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