The Most Romantic Wedding Proposal Ideas

The Most Romantic Wedding Proposal Ideas

While we usually focus on making your wedding day unforgettable, there is another moment for grooms, and in some case the bride-to-be, that is often the second most-romantic in a couple’s life: the engagement. With February seeing a large spike in the number of proposals, many of them happening on Valentine’s Day but others throughout this cold, snowy month. After all, there’s nothing more warming than the thought of getting married but how you pop the question is often almost as important as the wedding day. Below we go over some of the most romantic and memorable proposals we’ve heard of and seen so you can think outside of the box m and come up with a proposal idea that will be impossible to forget!

Before we get into the suggestions, first it’s important to think about who you are proposing to. Does she like public displays of affection? If not, a public proposal is probably not the right idea. Think about what their favorite place may be or a memory that is incredibly important to them that you can bring to life in some way, showing just how much you care and know about them. The proposal is not about you but who you are proposing to so always try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes.

As previously mentioned, public proposals are one of the most popular methods; after all, it’s a movie cliche to see a person propose in a restaurant or atop the Eiffel Tower. But cliches are cliches for a reason and that’s because so many people do propose in such romantic locales as the Empire State Building or on a tropical island. The key is to make that cliche yours, be it by hiring a band of musicians to serenade you or by hiring a local artist to capture the moment through art. You could even catch your bride-to-be by surprise by taking over the in-flight intercom–with the staff’s approval, of course–and make your big proposal when she’s least expecting it!

Of course, not everyone wants a public or destination wedding and sometimes it’s best to keep it local. Be it writing your proposal on your front sidewalk in chalk, spelling it out in candles at night, or make a trail of rose petals leading to a room that you’ve especially decorated for the big moment, the key to proposing at home is doing it in a way that means something to both of you. By keeping your love the focus of your proposal, you can do no wrong.

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