Assembling the Perfect Winter Wedding Bouquet

Assembling the Perfect Winter Wedding Bouquet

While we’ve discussed floral centerpieces and general seasonal trends, the wedding bouquet is perhaps the most important arrangement of flora and fauna in your entire wedding. After all, the bouquet is where you, the bride, can choose pretty much whatever you fancy. If you have a green thumb, you might have some particular flowers in mind, even some that might be out of season; remember, just because they might not be in season here, they are somewhere and thus can be shipped in time for your florist to assemble your bouquet for your walk down the aisle. However, if you’ve never really considered yourself an expert on flowers, let us walk you through some of the best winter wedding bouquet ideas.


When choosing your bouquet, you first want to decide what the overall color direction you want to go in is. You can choose to go seasonal with shades of pink and red paired with different tones of white and even emerald green. If you’re getting married in a particularly snowy part of the country, an icy white overtone is certainly one way to go, which can be achieved through a bouquet of only white roses that will look stunning in its monochromatic minimalism. A more elaborate arrangement could take the form of a bouquet of cascading phalaenopsis orchids, callalea orchids, calla lilies, and gardenias decorated with rhinestones to echo the shimmering snow of the season.


Other winter white ideas include choosing white blooms  with silver leaves to add an urbane touch, which is brought together by a black-and-white tie around the bouquet. Lily of the valley’s tiny blossoms accented with green moss is a winter bouquet that points to the coming spring. While lily of the valley can require shipping,  look to the area around you for winter foliage to achieve a similar verdant look in the form of baby pine cones, evergreen sprigs, and wild berries to add notes of natural color. Another white-green combination to consider is white peonies surrounded by lamb’s ear leaves.


White isn’t the only color on the menu, however, as a boldly red-dominant bouquet adds a smoldering touch to warm things up. Red James Story Orchids are a more dynamic and shapely flower that make for a stunning center flower to build a vibrant bouquet around. Winter ferns are also a popular choice in a bouquet full of succulents and kangaroo paws.


Thus, while white is especially popular in bridal bouquets during winter weddings, it can be updated in countless ways or substituted all together with a more colorful selection of flowers. Ultimately, the best choice is what is right for you, but the above are certainly some options to consider.

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