Modern Twists on “Something Blue”

Modern Twists on “Something Blue”

The old wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” can cause a bit of anxiety. While traditions remain heartwarming, it can be difficult to try to think of things. The good news is that you can give them a modern twist. If you’re wondering how to modernize that “something blue,” we have some suggestions!


How about celebrating with a blue manicure? From pastel hues to navy sparkles, the options are endless. This can include the whole nail, a blue tip, or maybe a blue pattern over a complementary color. You can even just put a blue jewel on one or more of your painted nails. Something blue does not have to be a big thing.

Embroidered Details

Get a special date, phrase, or even your spouse-to-be’s initials embroidered in blue thread on the inside of your gown. This is intimate, personal, and oh-so-modern. Plus, it will look great if you can feature the details in your wedding photos.


Think like Carrie Bradshaw! A stunning pair of heels with a striking blue sole combines tradition with style. Every step you take down the aisle will have a hint of blue that your guests won’t be able to stop talking about. Just think of the view from the guest’s perspective if you kneel down for parts of the ceremony or reception!


Feeling bold? Blue hair streaks or even a temporary blue hair tint can be the conversation starter. If that’s a tad too daring or not your style, you can also opt for blue hair accessories like hair pins! Additionally, you can make a small portion of your hair blue (like the underside) if you want to choose a more subtle approach.


Try sapphire earrings or a delicate blue pendant necklace to incorporate blue into your jewelry. It might seem like a splurge, but these can become instant heirlooms and something you cherish beyond the big day. You can also find a blue anklet, toe ring, or other personalized jewelry that only you will know is there.


Give the traditional garter a modern twist. Instead of white lace, think of a silky piece with subtle blue accents. Most garters are made with satin and lace in a ruched pattern. Like jewelry and nails, there is the option to have a bit of blue or a lot. The choice is yours.


Add blue-tinted flowers, ribbons, or other decorative pieces to your bouquet. It’s a visible yet subtle nod to the tradition of something blue on the big day but adds a modern twist. You can have one flower that is blue, blue baby’s breath, blue ribbons around or throughout the stems, a piece of jewelry, for example, a locket that is wrapped around the stems, and so much more.

The Perfect Venue for Your Modern Traditions

Wherever you decide to sprinkle that touch of blue, you need a timeless backdrop to make it shine. That is where The Park Savoy Estate comes in. Our dedicated team is on hand to ensure every detail is executed flawlessly, from culinary delights to decor specifics. If you’re dreaming of a venue that combines timeless elegance with a touch of modern sophistication, look no further. Contact us to schedule your visit with The Park Savoy Estate today, and let’s begin planning the wedding of your dreams!


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