Contemporary Ideas For ‘Something New’

Contemporary Ideas For ‘Something New’

The age-old saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” still rings true in the ears of many engaged couples. Today, however, we’re shaking things up and throwing the spotlight on “something new” in a different way. So, let’s toss the confetti, pop the champagne, and embark on an exploration of modern interpretations of this beloved tradition.

Bespoke Perfume

Begin your new chapter with a fresh scent! Engage a perfumer to craft a unique fragrance just for your special day. Every time you smell it, you’ll be transported back to your magical wedding day. Plus, you can save it for special occasions down the road like anniversaries and romantic date nights.

Custom Wedding Hashtag

Welcome to the digital age, where your unique love story deserves its very own hashtag. A custom wedding hashtag makes it easy for your guests to share their memories from your wedding, and for you to find and relive those moments later years down the road.

Personalized Vows

There’s nothing ‘newer’ and more unique to your relationship than personalized vows. These promises represent the new journey you and your partner are embarking on, making them the perfect fit for this tradition. While some people like to remain traditional here, don’t be afraid to shake things up and personalize some new vows for your big day.

Modern Attire

Technically, any outfit you buy for the big day will be “something new” but don’t be afraid to mix it up and get creative. Switch up the traditional white gown for a bridal jumpsuit or a vibrant, colorful dress. It’s your day – flaunt your style!

Unity Ceremony

Choose a unity ceremony that symbolizes your unique bond – plant a tree together, create a piece of art, or lock a love padlock and throw away the key. These are all creative ways to create something new together.

Tech-Incorporated Invites

Send out digitally interactive wedding invitations that could include QR codes, augmented reality experiences, or links to your wedding website. It’s a fresh twist on the traditional invite and your guests should have fun exploring the unique invites.

The Perfect Place for Your ‘Something New’

The Park Savoy pairs timeless elegance with modern sophistication. We provide a perfect balance of historic charm and contemporary luxuries to make your wedding day truly unforgettable. Our stunning estate is renowned for its vibrant gardens, regal ballroom, and dedication to providing couples with the personalized attention they deserve. Reach out to us today, and let’s craft a wedding experience that’s every bit as unique as you are.

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