What To Get The Couple When You Don’t Know What To Get

What To Get The Couple When You Don’t Know What To Get

Getting a wedding invitation in the mail is an exciting thing! It means time with your family, friends, or close acquaintances, celebrating the start of married life for two people that hold you dear in their lives. It also means a fun night out with dancing, drinks, and a lot of celebrating. In the name of that celebration, it is always nice to bring a gift for the couple. But what do you get a couple on their wedding day? There are many options, which makes the task feel overwhelming at times. The good news is that we are here to help! As the premier estate wedding venue in New Jersey, we have hosted many weddings and are here to share the details on what to gift the married couple!

Anything Off Their Registry

The first place to start with a wedding gift is usually their registry. This was likely shared on the wedding or bridal party invitation and can often be found linked on the couple’s wedding website if they have one. Any gift from the registry is something that the couple has pre-selected and would be delighted to receive. However, when it comes time for the wedding, this list can often be already whittled down, as many gifts were purchased for the bridal shower. Or, the gifts left on it can be out of your budget. That’s okay! There are other options for wedding gifts that are perfectly acceptable.

Cash or Check

When selecting a wedding gift for a couple, cash or a check is typically always a safe bet. Weddings are not cheap and the couple will be starting a new life together, so any amount that you can provide to help them get a good start in married life will be greatly appreciated.

Something Thoughtful

If you want to give the couple something personal, there are plenty of good options to choose from. Anything that is custom to commemorate their wedding or the start of life as a married couple is a nice gesture. Think of an engraved cutting board or charcuterie board with the couple’s last name and wedding anniversary on it. A custom frame for their wedding portrait or a keepsake box are also great options. Whatever you choose, the couple is sure to love it.

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