Wedding Etiquette Tips to Include Stepparents in your Nuptials

Families grow and evolve over time, and each wedding ceremony will be different in terms of which family members will be involved in the festivities. One sticking point for many couples is the inclusion of their stepparents, as there are no traditional rules regarding their participation in the events preceding your wedding and the big day itself. Here are a few ways to get everyone involved and spread the responsibilities evenly among your loved ones.


  1. Split up event duties

In terms of your pre-wedding parties, be sure to let your stepmother or stepfather be as active as possible with the wedding planning process. To ensure he or she is not stepping on anyone’s toes, allow him or her to host a specific event like the engagement party, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. This can allow all of your family members to feel like they’re playing a major role in putting together your special day.


  1. Invitations

Should stepparents be included on your invitiations? Of course! Though traditional etiquette leaves stepparents off the invitations completely, you can easily include their names on the invites next to your birthparents’ names, especially if they are helping to pay for the event. Be sure to put Mom and her spouse first and Dad and his second!


  1. Ceremony

Be as flexible as possible when it comes to including your stepparents in the celebration as a whole. For instance, if you’d like your father and stepfather to walk you down the aisle, have your stepfather walk you down halfway, and then your father can take you the rest of the way. Asking your stepparents to do a reading or acting as an usher is another easy way to get them involved.


  1. Reception Seating

Last but not least, when it comes to arranging your reception seating, it may be easier for each household to have its own table (father and stepmother, mother and stepfather, etc). This can reduce any possible tensions that may exist and can spread the family’s attention to as many guests as possible.

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