Unique Floral Arrangement Ideas for Your Wedding

Unique Floral Arrangement Ideas for Your Wedding

Unique Floral Arrangement IdeasWedding trends come and go, but next to the white dress, one timeless tradition is having flowers and bouquets at a wedding ceremony and reception.  They brighten up the ceremony, make brilliant centerpieces, and can be used in a host of other ways.  However, the trends in flowers are always changing and for 2013, here are some novel ideas to spruce up your big day.  Here are some unique floral arrangement ideas for Your Wedding.

  • It’s Easy Being Green: One trend that has been on the rise in 2013 has been incorporating green vegetation in with a bouquet to create a natural, earthy flair.  One particular idea is to use kale in your wedding bouquet.  While normally saved for the dinner plate, it can add a sophisticated, but rustic feel that goes perfectly if you’re favoring a green color palette.
  • Hanging Pomanders: It’s quite common for an outdoor wedding to feature an arch or arbor of colorful blooms, but why not try for a bit more unique look with hanging floral pomanders in a variety of colors.
  • Fruit Cocktails: Another growing trend is to incorporate fruit accents into your table centerpieces, such as grapes or an assortment of berries or apples.
  • Animal Topiary: This isn’t your childhood Chia pet; have verdant centerpieces designed in the shapes of animals that have particular meaning to you.  For example, if you ride horses, you can have an assortment of equine topiaries made that will reflect your personality and serve as a perfect conversation starter!
  • Floral Feathers: Another option is to forgo the traditional floral option and to try something completely different, like a bouquet made out of exquisite feathers.  Creating a sophisticated feather bouquet is a way to add whimsy and unexpected class to the traditional wedding bouquet.
  • Floral Lanterns: Going back to the floral tradition, one way to add a touch of  color to your outdoor reception is to hang lanterns full of bright floral arrangements.  Rather than use the lanterns simply for lighting, this brings a certain natural light into the proceedings that will surely not be forgotten.

So whether you opt for the traditional floral bouquet, a funky alternative, or a mixture of the both, the options are truly endless in using flowers to liven up your wedding.  We at The Park Savoy can recommend ideas that will fit perfectly with your theme and tie everything together!

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