Traditional Honeymoon Alternatives

Traditional Honeymoon Alternatives

So, your wedding plans are finished, the music is chosen for your personalized dances, and all the accessories and favors are set. Now the question on everyone’s mind is, “What are your honeymoon plans?” What if jet-setting to an exotic locale just isn’t in the cards right now? Or, perhaps, the classic idea of a honeymoon just isn’t your cup of tea. No worries! Here are some great alternatives to jetting away for your honeymoon that promise romance, fun, and all the feels.


Who said you need to pack suitcases and catch flights? Turn your own town into a tourist haven. Book a room at a local hotel, visit museums, dine at the hottest spots, and re-discover the place you call home. It’s an affordable way to unwind and connect after the wedding! Wear your vacation clothes and treat your hotel like an exotic getaway where you don’t need to worry about stress from home. Send your family and friends postcards of your travels to share all the fun with them.


Pick a hobby or interest you both like or have wanted to try and dive deep! Whether it’s pottery classes, dance workshops, or wine-making courses, spend time bonding while learning something new. Who knows, it might be something that you keep up as a hobby that continues to allow you to connect and bond. Give yourself at least a weekend to immerse yourself in your interest to really enjoy yourself!


Channel your love and joy into giving back. Opt for a local community service or join a short-term volunteer program abroad. Not only will you make memories, but you’ll also make a difference and help people. Consider journaling about your service to remember these memories for years to come. Additionally, you can return to these passions every year to celebrate your anniversary.


Rent a camper van or rev up your own car, curate a playlist of your favorite jams, and hit the open road.

Plan the length of time you will be “out and about” and make a list of overnight destinations or day trips to places that are one tank of gas away! This way you can explore a new area without the hassle of dealing with busy airports and costly plane tickets.

Digital Detox

In today’s hyper-connected world, sometimes love needs no distractions. Choose a quaint cabin or a remote beach house close by your town, leave the Internet behind, and just focus on each other. This is the perfect way to reconnect after a crazy wedding planning session. You can bring your favorite childhood games and relive the nostalgia before everything became so gadget focused.

The Ultimate Beginning at The Park Savoy Estate

As you think about your post-wedding plans, remember that the magic starts before the honeymoon period. It begins the moment you say your vows! Where better to pledge your love than The Park Savoy Estate. With its lush gardens, enchanting ballrooms, and an ambiance that combines tradition with luxury, The Park Savoy Estate is the backdrop your love story deserves. Reach out and schedule a tour today!





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