Top 5 wedding guest faux pas to avoid at all costs

When you get so many old friends and family members under one roof, throw in an open bar and loud music, proper etiquette can sometimes fall by the wayside. A wedding is one of the most important events in your loved one’s life, so you don’t want to be the subject of an embarrassing story for years to come by acting inappropriate. Luckily, Park Savoy has a few key wedding “don’ts” that can spare you from future family lore.

1.Retire your smartphone

During the ceremony in particular, there’s simply too much temptation to scroll through your social media pages during quiet moments, or the potential to interrupt the proceedings with a ringtone. Put your phone on vibrate or keep it in your hotel room until the festivities begin to avoid any awkward moments.

2.Prep that wedding speech!

If you’re going to be giving a speech at the reception, be sure to prepare beforehand. Going off the cuff may work for some people, but sticking to your script and screening your speech with friends beforehand is always a safe approach.

3.Practice self-control

It has to be said, but over imbibing at a wedding reception could get you into trouble quickly if you’re not careful. Drink plenty of water, skip the shots and you can ensure that you don’t cause any embarrassing moments for the bride and groom!

4.Don’t corner the couple

Providing your heartfelt congratulations to the new couple is expected at any wedding, but a common faux pas is to try and monopolize their time to catch up. Keep conversations limited to two to five minutes so the bride and groom can spend time with all of their wedding guests.

5.Leave the décor alone!

While those dazzling napkin holders, floral arrangements and other decorative votives may seem like they’re up for grabs at the end of the reception, you should proceed with caution. Some of these items may need to be returned to caterers or wedding planners, so make sure you ask the couple before taking any souvenirs home.





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