Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Big Day Running Smoothly

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Big Day Running Smoothly

Planning a wedding is stressful in itself, but the big day can be the most stressful of all. Of course, you’re excited to marry the love of your life, but how do you keep things running smoothly? Here are a few tips to make your big day a bit less stressful and keep everything moving according to plan.


Pack a Wedding Day Survival Kit 


The best way to keep the day running smoothly is to be prepared for anything. A wedding day survival kit will help you do just that. You can buy these, but they’re also easy to make on your own. Include hair spray, bobby pins, band aids, stain remover, a small sewing kit, safety pins, tissues, deodorant, perfume, feminine products, and anything else you might need in an emergency. 


Allow Enough Time to Get Ready 


The most common reason that weddings don’t run according to plan on the day of is because the bridal parties do not allow themselves enough time to get ready. Be sure to give yourselves enough time to get ready, even if that means handling some details before arriving at your venue. If you think you’ll have enough time with the hairdresser coming at 10:30 am, maybe have them come at 10:00 am just to be safe. This will give you some peace of mind and allow extra time for any mix-ups.   


Create a Timeline 


Another way to ensure that the wedding day runs smoothly is to create a timeline for the day. When are you going to wake up? What time are you going to eat breakfast? When is everyone reporting for hair and makeup? What time is the limo driver coming? Map out the entire day from start to finish and then send out copies to your bridal party so everyone is prepared ahead of time. 


Have a Wedding Day Contact (That Isn’t You) 


Another way to keep your wedding day running smoothly is to compile a list of your vendor names, contact numbers, and wedding day responsibilities and timelines. Then, hand that paper to someone else or even a few people. Some people can afford to hire a wedding planner for the day of, but if you can’t, hand that paper to your venue contact, a trusted family friend who isn’t involved in the wedding party, or even an organized bridesmaid. Someone besides yourself should be aware of the day’s agenda, so if the flowers aren’t there at 10 am sharp like the florist promised, they’ll take care of it instead of you. 


Self-Care is Essential 


One thing that many brides take for granted is self-care on the big day and leading up to the wedding. That means getting enough sleep, eating meals regularly—even if you’re worried you won’t fit into your dress—and watching your alcohol intake. Your wedding day is exciting, but it is also exhausting and you need to be prepared for it both mentally and physically. Be sure to eat a big breakfast on the day of that is rich in protein and good carbs to keep you fueled all day long. 


At The Park Savoy Estate, we know how stressful planning a wedding can be. You put so much time, energy and resources into creating the wedding of your dreams and you’ll do anything to ensure that it goes according to plan. Our experienced event coordinators can take some of the burden off your shoulders by coordinating everything on the day of your wedding. If you are looking for a gorgeous and stress-free wedding venue, contact The Park Savoy Estate for a tour today. 

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