The Holiday Wedding – How To Do It Right!

The Holiday Wedding – How To Do It Right!

Holiday weddings are cozy and romantic. Are you planning on hosting a holiday wedding? It’s a magical time of the year, so it makes sense that you would also want to tie your wedding into the celebration. While holiday weddings can be great, you need to be sure that you do it right. If you are looking for tips on how to accomplish this, the wedding experts at The Park Savoy Estate are here to help. Keep reading to learn more about hosting a holiday wedding, and how to make it a day that no one will forget!

Choose Your Wedding Date Wisely

Holiday weddings are great, but that doesn’t mean that you need to—or should—host it on an actual holiday. Many people enjoy spending holidays with their families and have traditions that center around them. Think long and hard about the date of your wedding and try to avoid major religious holidays if you want to have all of your guests in attendance.

Style Your Invitation Accordingly

If you are choosing a holiday wedding, you should set the tone by designing your invitation accordingly. If you’re getting married on December 22nd and going with a Christmas theme, incorporate some sophisticated evergreen trees into the invitation design. If New Year’s Eve is the holiday you are going for, fireworks, metallics, and other nods to the New Year are perfect to incorporate into the invitation.

Tailor Your Menu To The Holiday

Another way to get the holiday wedding just right is to tailor your menu to the holiday. Christmas ham is a tradition in many families, so consider blending that into your menu. If you are getting married around Thanksgiving, incorporating some sweet potatoes or squash is a nod to the holiday. You should also consider your drink menu for a holiday wedding. Consider having a hot cocoa bar or eggnog cocktail for a winter wedding, or a special cranberry drink if you are having your wedding around Thanksgiving. There are plenty of great options, and the bartenders at your wedding venue will probably have some great input as well.

Lean Into The Theme

When planning a holiday wedding, don’t be afraid to lean into the theme. Make special signage, print custom napkins, and embrace a holiday color palette. There are many creative options to get the theme to come through in a sophisticated and romantic way, depending on the holiday that you are hosting your wedding around.

Host Your Holiday Wedding At The Park Savoy Estate!

At The Park Savoy Estate, we know how important it is to have the perfect venue for your holiday wedding. We have a beautiful chapel to host your ceremony and provide the perfect backdrop for your photos and a stunningly gorgeous ballroom to continue the celebration. Your guests will be met with white glove service throughout the evening, along with world-class food. If you are interested in learning more or touring our grounds, contact us today!

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