Practical Post-Advice: Stretching Towards That Big Day

Not too long ago, we gave practical advice to starting you wedding exercise routine. We talked about taking it one day at a time and the pros of cross-training, and if you’re looking for more ways to not only improve your workout routine, but also help you prepare for your wedding day, the you should consider adding stretching to that daily list.

Okay, we can imagine you rolling your eyes right about now. To be honest, we don’t blame you. Stretching improves overall health, and health improves all aspects of your life, right?

Well, yes, but we’re talking direct benefits to preparing for your wedding day. Still not sure? Here’s how:

  1. Stretching Improves Posture

How many different pairs of heels are we likely to try on to achieve that perfect posture with wedding dress? Stretching loosens the tightness in our muscles and joints –Making us stand taller, and stay on our feet longer. Imagine being able to wear heels for a couple of extra hours and think, “ha, this isn’t phasing me at all!”

  1. Improves Your Complexion

Since your already researching the best blush for your skin tone, add to that by keeping your muscles and joints healthy. While exercise improves skin tightness, stretching to keep nutrients and blood flow circulating is key to bringing out your personal glow.

  1. Reduces Stress

We often discuss how stressful and time-consuming wedding planning is. It’s like a never-ending holiday weekend –fun, wonderful and you’ll often wonder if you’ll be able to keep up mentally and physically. Taking time to properly stretch relieves that stress from both your mind and body. Keeping you in the game as you go down your checklist of vendors, run-errands and stay calm when it’s time to walk up to the altar.

Interested in learning stretching techniques? Here’s a few handy guides to start you on your path as you prepare for your big South Jersey wedding!

Fitness Magazine’s beginner Yoga poses

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