Non-Traditional Wedding Album Ideas

Non-Traditional Wedding Album Ideas

Your wedding photos are keepsakes that you will want to hold on to for a lifetime. They capture the joy and magic of the biggest day of your life and it’s understandable that you want to keep them in a safe place to enjoy. However, do you want a traditional wedding album that is just going to sit on a shelf? Instead of a wedding album, there are many other alternatives. Check out these four non-traditional wedding album ideas:


Store Everything in an Heirloom Box

An heirloom box is a perfectly unique way of storing all your wedding photos and memories. Not only can you put your wedding photos inside a custom-made wooden box, but you can also add other treasures from the wedding. Consider adding dried flowers from your wedding bouquet, your wedding stationery, the cork from your champagne bottle and more. Plus, you can add to the box as time goes on, making it a keepsake box for all life’s treasures.


Design a Photo Wall or Collage

If you want to display photos in a more unique way than a photo album, consider designing a gallery wall in your home. An entryway, stairway or hallway is a great place to display an assortment of 8 x 11 and 11 x 14 matter prints that highlight the best of your wedding photos. A collage wall is another neat idea. Choose one big picture that is your favorite from the wedding day, and then surround it with another 40 – 50 smaller images from the wedding. They’ll be visible every day, instead of remaining hidden in a dusty photo album.


Oversize Photos

If you truly want to show off your wedding photos, GO BIG! Seriously, try printing your favorite or a few favorite photos from your wedding to make maximum impact. With some slight editing or shifting to a black and white color scheme, you can make a dramatic impression. Hang these in an entryway, bedroom or really anywhere for you and your guests to enjoy.


Utilize Technology

Another good alternative to a wedding album is to use the advantages of technology. Instead of a stationary album, how about getting a picture frame with revolving images from your wedding. That way, guests—and you!—can enjoy them all the time, without having to pull out the dusty book.


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