The Best Ways to Share All Your Wedding Photos with Your Guests

The Best Ways to Share All Your Wedding Photos with Your Guests

Just because your wedding has passed, doesn’t mean the excitement has to end. Your wedding photos are a great way to relive that special day over and over again. The trick can be gathering all these photos in one place so friends and family are in on the fun too. Thankfully, there are ways to easily gather and share your gorgeous wedding photos with all your guests. 


Via Your Photographer 

How to share your wedding photos might be a question to run by your photographer first. Some wedding photographers actually provide a link to a gallery of your photos that you can share with all of your guests. This gives everyone access to your stunning wedding pictures, with the added bonus that they can purchase high-resolution images right from your photographer’s gallery. The main drawback is that others cannot add their photo to the site, so you’ll only see the pictures your photographer snapped.   



This social media site is used by millions of people each day and chances are that your friends and family have active accounts. With Facebook being so widely used by people of all ages, this might be the best option to share your wedding photos.   


It is definitely a great way to consolidate pictures from everyone in a central location. After posting your wedding photos, you can comb through your family and friends’ photos to find the ones from your special night. It’s easy to save and add them to an album that you can share with all your friends. 


Facebook actually created Shared Albums to make this even easier. The feature allows you to invite guests to add photos directly to an album. If you have a friend that’s always snapping away on her iPhone or a relative that brings a camera to every family gathering, it’s simple to add them as a contributor. 


Wedding Photo Swap 

When looking for a place to share high-quality images from your big day, Wedding Photo Swap is another website to consider. It is free for thirty days and even offers an app so you can view the gallery right from your smartphone. 


With Wedding Photo Swap, you simply make an account, create albums and invite your family and friends. With the link, your guests can view or upload pictures right to your albums. You won’t lose the social aspect either because this photo sharing website allows you to comment and share pics. 


The one thing that stands out with this wedding photo sharing site is that you have final approval of photos that are added to the albums. Whether you have a stray hair out of place or don’t want the whole world to see your tipsy Aunt Kathy stumbling around the ballroom, you have complete control over what is added for everyone to see. 



This is another photo sharing site that has been around for a long time and is a great place to share your wedding photos. You can easily create groups and ask your guests to upload their pictures so you don’t miss a minute of the action! Links can easily be shared via email so even those who don’t use Flickr won’t miss out. 


Your Own Wedding Website 

If you created your own wedding website on a site like The Knot or Wedding Wire, you can also upload wedding photos there. This feature is usually offered for free and your guests probably already have a link to the site!  


No matter how you choose to share your photos, a beautiful venue like The Park Savoy will provide you with a great backdrop for your big day. Contact us to set up a walkthrough to see exactly what we can do to make your wedding the one you’ve always dreamed of.  

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