Nailing Your Spring Wedding Centerpiece

Nailing Your Spring Wedding Centerpiece

What is about spring? People tend to smile more, things look more colorful, and summer is just around the corner. These are all sentiments and feelings to keep in mind when conceptualizing your table centerpieces. While a cornucopia of flowers is certainly an option that we’ll delve into, there are many more directions you can go in. Read on to see some of the best spring wedding centerpiece ideas we’ve encountered.

First, you want to settle on the tablecloth that will set the tone you want. Floral tablecloths are a great choice if you really want to hammer home the floral theme. But if you prefer something more subtle, consider a lightly patterned linen tablecloth in the minimalist style to achieve a more urbane and sophisticated look. Of course, there’s always plain white to serve as the perfect neutral foundation against which your centerpiece can really shine. You can always choose your tablecloth after you’ve come up with your floral design, but it’s also a helpful place for some couples to start.

Next, you want to decide upon the overall tone you’re aiming for with the centerpiece and a container that will complement that tone. For example, if you’re going for the outdoors countryside look, then set a cluster of roses in a mason jar, tie them together with twine for that perfect down home accentuation, and set several in a down a long table, or one in a round table. If you’re going for an elegant yet vintage look, use antique milk glass vases full of seasonal pastels in the forms of lilacs, peonies, water lilies and viburnum.

Going with a vintage style is achieved a number of ways, and one is to search for and collect a number of odd shaped jars dyed a tone that matches your color palette. Vintage blue or opaque apothecary bottles, which are rather small, look great when combined together in a larger container with a variety of flowers planted in them. Of course, vintage doesn’t need to be constrained to your container alone. One increasingly popular trend is to go old country with a centerpiece and a feature a bowl of beautiful produce, like pomegranates or lemons.

While non-floral centerpieces are ideal for some couples, others prefer to go the more traditional route of flowers. There is no right or wrong way to select flowers for a centerpiece, but you want to choose what you respond to while staying true to your color palette. Sticking with a single flower and color can make for a simple and strong statement, such as a classic vase filled with pretty pink peonies. Or seasonal combinations such as lamb’s ear paired with ivy and roses perfectly capture the heavenly beauty of spring. If green is your thing, make your table runner come alive with a long assemblage of ferns and ivy to perfectly capture the tone of the season.

In the end, while there are always trends to follow, your centerpiece, much like your wedding bouquet, is a reflection of you and yours love and thus as long as it looks like you think it should and uses the best in local and imported flowers, then you can guarantee that you’ll create a centerpiece to remember.

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