How to Make Your Wedding a Blast from the Past

In the world of wedding planning and decoration, trends are a dime a dozen and change seemingly every season, if not more frequently than that. However, the “vintage” look is something that is perennially in style and seems to only ever increase in popularity due to the internet allowing brides and grooms to explore wedding ideas and fashion trends from throughout history. While we won’t be going to the middle ages, here are some ideas taken from throughout history that will help you to hone the precise vintage look you are aiming for.

While candles always bring a certain vibe, how you present the candles can drastically add to the vintage feel and using vintage tea cups from your chosen period in history is a perfect way to transport your guests to the 1900s or early 20th century.

When it comes to vintage decorations, repurposing tends to be a pretty effective strategy as you can take elements intended for one purpose, such as vintage window drapes, and repurpose them by wrapping them around your vintage wooden chairs to create a synthesis of different times and styles, making for a truly singular vintage look.

Similarly, repurposing can also apply to clothes and jewelry. For instance, have an old key, military medal, or locket that has particular meaning or plays into your wedding’s theme perfectly? Polish it, attach a bow, and pin it to your groomsmen who will certainly appreciate the one-of-a-kind accessories.

Of course, there are plenty of vintage accessories available to bridesmaids, such as classic parasols for any outdoors pictures or if your wedding ceremony is taking place outside. A row of bridesmaids all holding antique parasols will undoubtedly create a stunning effect.

While vintage decorations add a particular look and feel to a wedding ceremony and reception, vintage clothes and accessories help to really sell your wedding’s theme. For example, keep an eye out for vintage hair accessories as while their look might take you to another time, their functionality is absolutely timeless. Similarly, looking at old wedding guides from the 1940s and 50s can give you truly unique ideas as how to dress your groomsmen or bridesmaids, an attention to detail that will undoubtedly nail the vintage look perfectly.

So when going after that vintage look for your wedding, do your research, pick a specific era or theme that stretches across decades, and start getting creative to breathe new life into these classic elements!

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