How to Match Parents’ Outfits to the Wedding Party Without Being Identical

How to Match Parents’ Outfits to the Wedding Party Without Being Identical

When it comes to weddings, coordination is key. You spend a lot of time selecting your wedding colors and theme, and you want to carry that throughout the details to ensure a unified look. 


This sense of coordination flows through to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You want your bridal party to look cohesive, but does it stop there? What about the parents of the bride and groom? This is a highly debated topic, and rightfully so. Should the wedding party and parents’ outfits be matched perfectly? 


Your wedding might only last for a day, but the photos will last a lifetime. Keeping that in mind, here is some attire etiquette for parents of the bride and groom.   


Should Mothers of the Bride & Groom Coordinate? 

It is custom for the mother of the bride to choose her dress first. This is supposed to dictate what style the mother of the groom will wear as well. If this tradition is too old-fashioned for your taste, simply provide some general direction for your mothers. You might want to dictate length, style and color to them. This can help avoid hurt feelings or clashing colors in photos. 


Should Mothers Match the Bridesmaids? 
When it comes to choosing a specific dress, mothers of the bride and groom shouldn’t necessarily match the bridesmaids identically. Their dresses are typically more formal and elegant than the bridal party. The main thing to keep in mind is avoiding their outfits clashing with the bridal party.   


Also, remember that this is probably the most important dress that either of your mothers have shopped for since their own wedding. Provide some general guidelines, and let them choose dresses that they feel confident in. If you’d like to incorporate some matching elements to tie them into the bridal party, accessories are a great way to do so. Have their corsages tie into the bouquets that the bridesmaids are holding, or jewelry that matches the wedding colors. 


Should Fathers Match the Groomsmen? 

As a general rule, the fathers should at least match the level of formality of the groomsmen. That means if the groomsmen are wearing tuxes, the fathers should wear tuxes as well. If the groomsmen are in suits, they should at least wear a suit. If you’d like to have your father match the groomsmen without being identical, you can have him wear a tie in the same color family, or wear one that matches the vests the groomsmen are wearing. He can also choose attire in the same color that features a different cut or accenting than the bridal party. These subtle elements are great for blending, without going so far as to be identical. 


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