How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

So, the love of your life popped the question, and you said yes! Now it’s time to find the dress that makes your heart sing. No pressure, right? Worry not, because the wedding experts at The Park Savoy Estate are sharing tips for finding the perfect wedding dress. Keep reading to learn more!

Start Early, But Not TOO Early

You want to give yourself time to find the right dress for your wedding. Start your search about 9 to 12 months before the big day. This gives you time to pick, alter, and daydream about it incessantly.

Determine A Budget

Before you dive into the world of tulle and sequins, figure out how much you’re willing to spend. And remember, factor in costs like alterations, accessories, and any shipping fees! These can all add up, so you want to have an all-in price that you’re working with.

Get Inspired

Pinterest boards, Instagram feeds, and wedding magazines are a great place to look for wedding dresses that appeal to you. It’ll give you clarity on styles, fabrics, and silhouettes before you really start shopping. You can either create virtual boards or cut out and assemble photos of all the elements of the dress you are interested in.

Choose Companions Wisely

Your bridal entourage should be a blend of honesty and support. Think of your ever-practical BFF and your cheerleader cousin. You’ll also likely need to bring your mother along, as long as she isn’t too opinionated! And remember, too many opinions can make the process overwhelming, so choose your ensemble carefully.

Think About Your Venue

Are you tying the knot in a breezy beach setting or an elegant ballroom? Are you getting married in the heat of summer or in the middle of winter? Your dress should complement the venue and match the season you are getting married in. You want to make sure you are not too hot or cold on your wedding day.

Focus On Fit, Not Size

Wedding dress sizes can be weird. You might wear a size 6 in everyday life but need a size 10 in a wedding gown. Don’t sweat the numbers. It’s the fit that counts! And remember that alterations can help ensure that any dress you purchase fits perfectly.

Take Photos

Capture each dress you try on. Cameras capture details differently than the naked eye, and this can be super helpful when reflecting on your options. You’re going to have a photo album of wedding photos, so you want to be sure the dress looks great in the pictures, too.

Think About Comfort

Yes, it’s essential to look like a million bucks, but you also want to dance, laugh, and eat cake without feeling restrained. Remember to move around in each dress to test its comfort level.

Trust Your Gut

When you know, you just know. If you feel incredible and can’t stop smiling, that’s a sign! Trust your gut and try not to let your ensemble sway your decision too much. They’re there to help you choose, not make the choice for you!

Begin Your Fairytale Journey At The Park Savoy Estate

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