Everything To Know About A Groom’s Cake

Everything To Know About A Groom’s Cake

We all know the wedding cake is the star of the dessert table, but let’s not forget about the groom’s cake! But what exactly is this cake, and how does it fit into your big day? Our wedding experts are here to fill you in on all the juicy details about groom’s cakes!

What Is A Groom’s Cake?

Traditionally, the cake is a separate cake presented alongside the wedding cake. It is designed to reflect the groom’s tastes and interests. It originated in Victorian England. This tasty tradition has made a big comeback in recent years, especially in the United States. The groom’s cake can be served at the wedding reception alongside the wedding cake, or it can make an appearance at the rehearsal dinner as a special treat.

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize!

If you are interested in a groom’s cake, there are plenty of great options. Simply put, the groom’s cake is all about the groom! This is a chance to show off his hobbies, interests, or favorite sports team. Whether it’s a cake shaped like a football, a guitar, or even a favorite video game character, the sky’s the limit. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to designing a groom’s cake, so go wild.

This is also a unique opportunity to play with some fun flavors. Wedding cakes often have traditional flavors, like white cake, almond, or raspberry. However, this cake is an opportunity to get a little adventurous. From chocolate stout to banana nut, this is your chance to incorporate flavors you love but might not make the cut for the main wedding cake. Plus, it allows you to try some more outlandish cake flavors during your tasting!

Not Just For The Guys

Despite the name, the groom’s cake isn’t just for the guys! It’s a fun and personal addition that all your guests can enjoy. If you love Harry Potter or travel as a couple, you can choose the cake theme around one of those. Really, this cake is just a great way to add another layer of personality to your wedding celebration.

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The groom’s cake is more than just a dessert. It’s a unique and fun way to celebrate the groom’s or couple’s personality, interests, and tastes. If you are ready to host an unforgettable wedding that includes all the fun traditions, like the groom’s cake, The Park Savoy is the perfect venue!

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