Card Box Alternatives for Your Wedding

Card Box Alternatives for Your Wedding

When you are planning a wedding it’s understandable to want to add a bit of flair to your big day. Certain décor and reception elements lend themselves to creativity better than others and your card box is one of them. If you scour the local craft and event stores for a card box but cannot find one that seems fitting, that’s okay! There are actually many card box alternatives that will allow you to get creative and inject a bit of your own personality into the wedding décor. These are a few card box alternatives, ranging from chic and classy to fun and elegant.


A Bird Cage 


Bird cages are becoming one of the most highly sought-after card box alternatives for weddings in recent years. That’s because they give off a classy yet quirky take on the classic card box that doesn’t detract from wedding décor. These card boxes come in a variety of colors like white, gold, silver, and black. This means you can find one that fits seamlessly with your color scheme. The real trick is finding one that is capable of fitting all the cards and that doesn’t have slots that allow cards to slip out, so be sure to do a bit of research to find the right one. 


Vintage Suitcases 


A vintage suitcase is another alternative to the traditional card box at your wedding. These are a great fit of classy, elegant or vintage romance wedding themes and can usually be picked up from your local salvation store.  Don’t worry about their outright drab appearance because half the fun is dressing them up with romantic flowers or small banner signs that tie into your theme perfectly. 


Rustic Crates 


For a rustic wedding, rustic or vintage crates are becoming increasingly popular for a card box. Think old milk crates or a box fashioned from dated whiskey barrels. Not only does this type of card box tie in perfectly with the rustic theme, it also can serve as décor in your home after the wedding!   


Treasure Chest 


For a nautical, historical or romantic wedding theme a treasure chest is a unique way to go for a card box alternative. You can pick one up at your local craft store and throw a bit of paint or stain on it to really make your card box stand out. A bit of mod podge and some vintage maps inlayed on the bottom can also add a unique effect. 


Stacked Boxes with a DIY Flair 


If no one of the card box alternatives above pique your interest, what about getting creative on your own and creating your own DIY card box? There are so many versions available online, but one of the most popular is stacked boxes of different sizes to create a tiered look. This can give some dimension to your gift table and with a bit of crafting you can create the perfect card box that ties into your theme and color scheme. 


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