Boosting Guest Comfort At Your Wedding

Boosting Guest Comfort At Your Wedding

While your wedding is undoubtedly your special day, it’s the collective warmth of the people around you that makes it truly magical. These people take the time to money to travel to your wedding to celebrate with you and bestow their well wishes, so ensuring guest comfort to the extent possible is essential. And sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Keep reading to learn more about the small touches you can make for your guests to feel special and comfortable at your wedding.

Weather Warriors

Always have a backup plan. Heat too intense for your outdoor wedding? Offer parasols or hand fans. Chilly breeze? Cozy blankets to the rescue! Rain in the forecast for your outdoor ceremony? Have a backup space in mind to exchange vows.

Sore Feet Relief

While heels finish a look, they can have already delivered blisters and aches by the time the dance floor opens. Offer flip-flops or comfy slip-ons for your guest comfort and watch the dance floor come alive! These can be set out in a cut display with a sign letting guests know they are available.

Kiddo Corner

Got little guests? Set up a special zone for them with coloring books, toys, and snacks. Parents will thank you profusely for keeping their kids busy so they can enjoy the big day. It’s great to have an area that is kid-sized so kids can feel included in the festivities. It would be great to ask your wedding party if there could be someone to supervise the activities as well so that safety is maintained.

Snack Station

A snack area with grab-and-go eats ensures that no stomach grumbles while professional photos are being taken or other times where there is a lull in activity. This is a simple and affordable way to make sure your guests are comfortable throughout! As the night progresses, you can also surprise your guests with bagged treats as well or have an after-party affair. Think sliders, cookies, or even pizza slices. Because dancing works up an appetite!

Sip, Sip, Hooray

Hydration stations are key, especially for outdoor summer weddings. Think infused waters, refreshing mocktails, lemonade, and chilled water. Your guests will thank you! These can be simple setups or you can go for the wow factor and set up an elaborate station with ice sculptures.


Restrooms can be spruced up too! A basket with essentials – mints, hairpins, hand sanitizers, maybe even some deodorant? Your guests will appreciate the thought and it will keep them happy and dancing all night long. These types of items can be found in travel sizes to ensure there is a variety.

Stay Charged

A charging station for those ever-draining phones is a lifesaver. Because, let’s face it, we all want those Instagram updates and selfies! Check with your venue to see if there is a specified area where this can take place or be set up as necessary. Ensure you have variety attachments for everyone’s electronics.

Groovy Vibes

Music too loud? Some guests might want a quieter space to chat. Designate a ‘chill zone’ away from the speakers, with comfy seating and ambient lighting. This can be good for guest comfort, especially for guests who don’t want loud music and also to accommodate guests who might be overwhelmed by the lights and sounds as well.

Your Day, Their Delight At The Park Savoy Estate

Remember, it’s the tiniest gestures that often make the grandest impressions. When your guests reminisce about your wedding, they’ll remember the joy, the laughter, and those sweet little touches that made them feel cherished. And speaking of creating delightful memories, your venue plays a starring role! That is where The Park Savoy Estate comes into the picture. With tailored services and a keen eye for detail, we ensure that your wedding isn’t just memorable for you, but every single guest. Reach out to The Park Savoy Estate today!


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