Wedding Dress Color Options for the Modern Bride

Wedding Dress Color Options for the Modern Bride

Have you recently started the process of searching for the perfect wedding dress? This can be a fun, but also slightly overwhelming time because there are so many options. And these days, there are even more options because your wedding dress doesn’t have to be classic white. You heard that right—you can choose a wedding dress that isn’t white! If you are trying to choose the right color wedding dress for your big day, we are here to help. Keep reading to learn more about wedding dress colors and how to choose the perfect dress for you!

Classic White

When you think of a wedding dress, chances are that you think of a classic and traditional white dress. While this is a stunning option and a great choice for many brides, don’t feel that you have to choose a pure white wedding dress.

Off White

Another option for a wedding dress is off white. This is often referred to as winter-white, snow white, or diamond white and is a shade off from pure, classic white. Off white dresses are not as bright as pure white dresses, which makes them more attractive on fair-skinned individuals.


If you want to add a bit more elegance to your wedding dress, consider purchasing a champagne one. Also known as light gold or rum pink, champagne dresses provide more depth and help any patterns stand out. These dresses are also flattering to individuals of all skin types and with an earthy hue, are perfect for fall or bohemian-style weddings.


Blush bridal gowns are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. These dresses have undertones of pink and red, which adds a romantic hue to the dress that other colors don’t. Blush wedding dresses are perfect for fall or winter weddings as they are more muted and romantic.


When you think of wedding dress colors, the last color that comes to mind is black. However, black bridal gowns are a newer fad that is becoming increasingly popular. Black wedding dresses are perfect for edgier brides that want to make a dramatic statement on their wedding day. It’s also the perfect option for brides that want to highlight the little details on their gorgeous gowns. While black bridal dresses are not for everyone, it’s worth trying one on to see what you think.

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No matter what color wedding dress you choose for the big day, you will look stunning. Whether it is classic white, blush, or features some color, your fiancé will be delighted to see you walking down the aisle. Since you are going to spend so much time and effort picking out the perfect dress, it is important to have the perfect wedding venue to show it off. That is where The Park Savoy Estate comes into the picture. We are a stunning estate wedding venue in New Jersey with beautiful grounds to host your ceremony and a stunning ballroom so you can dance the night away. If you are interested in learning more or touring our grounds, contact us today!




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