Three Elements to Create Dazzling Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Three Elements to Create Dazzling Wedding Reception Centerpieces

When your wedding ceremony has concluded and your guests walk into your wedding venue, one of the first things that will catch their eye is your lovely selection of reception centerpieces. These floral arrangements can set the mood for your entire gathering, so you’ll want to take careful consideration when choosing them.

Wedding Centre Pieces

Here are a few tips that can help you get the decorative scheme you’ve always dreamed of.

1.Consider your budget

First and foremost, one of your most important considerations is to shop around and find the best value for your money. Flowers are a major expense for any couple’s wedding plans, so be sure to make an informed decision by meeting with florists in the area, reviewing their past work and reading reviews to find the utmost quality and bang for your buck.


Your wedding reception tablespreads should showcase not only your decorative tastes, but they should also give your guests a window into you and your significant other’s interests. Rachel Ray Magazine suggests considering adding photos, accessorizing the outside of vases with beads, baubles and faux jewels and other personal touches that can improve the visual appeal of your arrangements and showcase your decorative flair.

3.Coordinate with your venue

Some venues may have restrictions on open flames or breakable glass in centerpieces, so make sure you go over these particulars with the owners before making a major purchase with a florist.

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