The Perfect Places For Wedding Pictures At The Park Savoy

The Perfect Places For Wedding Pictures At The Park Savoy

With your wedding at The Park Savoy Estate coming up, are you looking for the perfect places to take wedding photos? Obviously, you want to take amazing wedding photos because they will last you a lifetime. The good news is that there are so many great options for wedding photo spots at our stunning estate venue. Keep reading for some tips on where to take the perfect wedding photos at The Park Savoy Estate.

The Gardens

If you are looking for the perfect place to take wedding photos at The Park Savoy Estate, our historical gardens are a great option. These romantic 19th-century-styled gardens include acres of hills, beautiful floral arrays, and stunning water features that serve as the perfect backdrop to capture your perfect day.

The Chapel

Another great place to take wedding photos is in and around our stunning chapel. Outside the quaint chapel, you will find perfectly manicured landscaping, stacked stone, and exquisite wooden doors. Inside, you will find gorgeous wood beams, plenty of natural light, and a modern touch. This is a great option if the weather isn’t ideal, and you need to take photos inside.

The Wine Cellar

Our wine cellar gives off the vibe of a Tuscany wine room. Not only is it the perfect place to hang out with your wedding attendants, but it’s also an amazing place to take photos! Finished with luxurious leather couches and casting a sophisticated ambiance, you will get some truly stunning wedding photos here.

The Ballroom

If the weather isn’t sunny and clear and you want to take photos inside, do not fret! Our elegant ballroom will serve as a great backdrop for your wedding photos. It’s rustic, rich, and romantic and countless couples have taken their photos in the ballroom. Plus, there are large windows that allow plenty of natural light!

The Suites

If you want photos of you and your attendants getting ready for the big day, the suites are great. They have plenty of natural light and give off a muted, romantic aesthetic. It’s the perfect place to photograph not only the getting ready process but also your wedding day attire!

 The Park Savoy Estate Has the Perfect Places for Wedding Photos!

If you have your wedding at The Park Savoy Estate, you can rest assured that you will have countless places to take amazing wedding photos throughout your big day. From getting ready in the suites to your wedding ceremony in the chapel or the gardens, there are so many great options. Plus, there are great photo ops in the wine cellar, the ballroom, and around the grounds of our stunning wedding venue. To learn more about The Park Savoy Estate or to tour our grounds to find the perfect spots for your wedding photos, contact us today!

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