The Evolution of the Wedding Invitation

The Evolution of the Wedding Invitation

Choosing your wedding invitation is an exciting task on your wedding to-do list, but it comes with a lot of weight. That is because your wedding invitation sets the stage for your wedding. Guests that receive your invitation will get their first impression of your wedding, so it’s important to get it right! It is also important to have all the essential elements on your invitation, like the time and date, location, and RSVP date. As you are starting to look into your wedding invitations and considering designs, you might wonder how wedding invites have evolved over time, and you are not alone in that thinking! Keep reading to learn more about the evolution of the wedding invitation and how you can ensure that yours truly stands out!

The History of Wedding Invitations

Did you know that wedding invitations were once pressed on an inked copper plate to create an engraving? This was expensive, and thus wedding invitations turned to thermographic, with a raised feel that gave off the impression of an engraving. In today’s world, wedding invitations are now printed on cardstock, but that doesn’t mean they are any less glamorous! In fact, wedding invitations these days are often very extravagant with wax seals, glittering envelopes, and other unique twists.

Wedding Invitation Customization

One of the biggest changes over time regarding wedding invitations is the complete customization. While invites always had information unique to the couple and their wedding, today invite designs are customized for almost every wedding. Couples that like traveling hire a designer to create a wedding invite that shows off that aspect of their personality. Artsy couples design their own with a unique flair. This is great, because it allows couples to set the stage for their wedding and let a bit of their personality shine through.

Digital Wedding Invitation Trends

One of the biggest trends currently when it comes to the evolution of wedding invitations is the influence of digital. While some couples are collecting RSVPs digitally on a wedding website, others are completely digitizing the wedding invitation process, from sending out digital invites to collecting RSVPs. While this is not considered traditional, it does have benefits. Digital invites are much less expensive as you save on printing, envelopes, and stamps. Digital RSVPs also allow you to capture more information, like what song a wedding attendee wants to hear at the reception!

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