How to Keep Your Guests Comfortable at an Outdoor Wedding

How to Keep Your Guests Comfortable at an Outdoor Wedding

Summer is the most popular season for weddings, especially in northern states. The warm weather and lush greenery is the main reason for that, but there are some things to consider when hosting a summer wedding, namely, the heat. The last thing you want is lightheaded family members or wedding guests extremely uncomfortable and sweaty due to the heat. Don’t let this deter you from the wedding of your dreams because there are simple, budget-friendly ways to keep your guests cool and comfortable during your outdoor wedding. 


Keep Everyone Hydrated 


One of the most important factors to keeping your guests comfortable during an outdoor wedding is keeping them hydrated. Consider placing a water hydration station somewhere guests will see as they begin to file in for the ceremony. A hydration station doesn’t have to be bland either. Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you keep your guests hydrated. You can class it up by offering fruit infused water or flavored lemonades as well. 


Provide Fans 


Air circulation is also key to keeping guests cool during your ceremony. You might think fans will detract from your theme or the atmosphere that you are going for, but there are ways to put a unique spin on fans. Consider making your wedding programs one page, double sided and printing it on thicker cardstock that you can attach to a stick to make a fan. That way you can keep your theme, but still keep guests comfortable. 


Offer Sunscreen & Bug Spray 


Sun and bugs are often unavoidable during outdoor weddings. Luckily, there is an easy fix for that! Having sunscreen and bug spray for your guests is always a smart move. You can also dress it up, by putting sunscreen in a cute lotion dispenser and wrapping nice labels around the bug spray canisters so they don’t look out of place at your wedding. If you go this route, you may want to consider splurging for the fragrance options so your wedding doesn’t smell like sunscreen and bug spray. 


Choose Your Wedding Favors Wisely 


You’re going to get wedding favors for your guests, so why not play it smart and kill two birds with one stone. If you are having at an outdoor wedding, how about giving out customized sunglasses before the ceremony. Flip flops are also a great option for any ladies looking to shed their heels and get a bit more comfortable. Instead of opting for wine bottle stoppers or decks of customized playing cards, use your wedding favors as a way to keep guests comfortable. 


At The Park Savoy Estate, our immaculate gardens serve as the perfect backdrop for your big day. Your wedding ceremony can be held in our stunning outdoor space and our perfectly manicured grounds provide plenty of spots for exquisite photos afterwards. If the heat has you worried, don’t be! By utilizing these tips our wedding coordinators will help make sure that all your guests are comfortable and relaxed during your big day. To schedule a tour of our venue space today, contact us today! 

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