How Long Do You Have To Stay At The Reception With Your Guests?

How Long Do You Have To Stay At The Reception With Your Guests?

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event that you will remember for decades to come. It’s perhaps the only time in your life when all your loved ones will be in one place celebrating you! Because of this, you might be uncertain about etiquette and customs when it comes to departing the reception. If you are struggling with determining whether it is okay to leave your wedding reception, the wedding experts at The Park Savoy Estate can help. Keep reading for tips on leaving your wedding reception.

Don’t Let People Tell You What To Do

The first thing to keep in mind is that this is your wedding, and you should do what you want to do! Do not let people talk you into doing something you don’t want to. If you want to leave early to go celebrate with your spouse, that’s okay! Wedding days are long and if you’re tired, it is perfectly acceptable to leave before the reception ends. If you are having a blast and enjoying celebrating and dancing with your loved ones, then stay! The choice is yours alone to make as a couple.

Say Important Goodbyes

When it comes to leaving your wedding reception, if you do so before it officially ends, that is perfectly acceptable. However, there are certain goodbyes that you might want to say. You should let your parents know you’re leaving, especially as you might be heading right out on your honeymoon the next day and won’t see them. If there are other important people to say goodbye to, make sure you do that before leaving.

Plan A Proper Send-Off

Some couples choose to have an official send-off. You can do that before the reception ends or after. Some couples like to do it before the reception ends so they can hand out sparklers while guests are still there and take some memorable photos. If you like that idea but don’t want to leave early, you can also do a “mid-reception” send-off where guests gather to send you off. Then you can go enjoy a few moments of solitude with your spouse before returning to the party.

The Park Savoy Estate Is The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding Reception!

At The Park Savoy Estate, we have a stunning estate wedding venue that is perfect for a memorable evening. Whether you plan to slip out while the party is still going or have a scheduled formal send off, our wedding coordinators will ensure that everything runs smoothly. With stunning grounds for your ceremony and an ornate ballroom to host your reception, chances are that you will want to spend the whole night dancing and celebrating. To learn more or tour our grounds, contact us today!


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