Five fabulous bridesmaid gifts to thank your closest friends

As a bride-to-be, your bridal party will be with you for every step of the way from your shower to the moment you walk down the aisle. Being a bridesmaid is a significant investment in time, finances and energy, which is why the vast majority of brides go the extra mile to thank their closest friends for all of their assistance throughout the process. Here are a few great ideas to think about before your wedding day.

1.Wedding day survival kit

Make sure you’re looking out for your bridesmaids with a group of gift bags with small items that they may need during the ceremony. You can be as elaborate or simple as you’d like, but a few things to include might be lip gloss, makeup, snacks, footwear for the reception and much more. Be sure to top off your arrangement with a sentimental gift like a photo album or a personalized poem.

2.Personalized cosmetic bags and clutches

Instead of a gift bag, why not give your bridesmaids something they can use in the future as well? Personalized clutches or cosmetic bags with their names and a few small gifts inside are dazzling gifts that say thank you to the special ladies in your life in a unique way, suggested Real Simple magazine.

3.A group night out

After your ceremony, you can maintain the close bond of your bridal party by arranging a group dinner or luncheon in the near future. This can be a great way to catch them up on married life and treat them to a relaxing evening of good company and conversation.

4.Beautiful pieces of home décor

If you’re looking for a gift with some true staying power, there are countless great pieces of home décor that will make a lasting impression with your bridesmaids. The Knot suggests items like tea light holders, framed pictures, throw blankets, robes, elegant vases and just about anything you believe will strike a chord with your friends. Best of all, your bridal party will look back fondly on your special day whenever they gaze upon your gifts.

5.A personalized calendar

You’re already looking forward to your first year of married life, but you can ensure that you’re never far from your bridesmaids’ thoughts with a personalized calendar. Adorn the gift with personal pictures, fill in important dates like anniversaries and birthdays and consider adding a few dates where you can plan ahead for a reunion!



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